Neurokinetic Therapy

NKT is an innovative manual muscle testing technique that allows the practitioner to trace muscular compensation patterns throughout the body. Injuries, pain, and repetitive strain alter our movement preferences over time leading to compensatory movement strategies. When these strategies become fatigued, pain often results.

Consider the hockey analogy of 5 players on the ice working together to score a goal. If one player goes into the penalty box, the roles of the remaining 4 players changes as they now need to work harder to achieve the same goal. This adaptive strategy is similar to that of muscular compensation patterns in the body.

When a therapist releases tension from the body it is valuable to understand why that excessive tension exists and what area of the body needs to be strengthen to avoid recurrence of injury or pain. To change a poor movement pattern we must create a new one. NKT helps us understand which muscles should be released or stretched, and which areas should be strengthened.