Anatomy in Motion

The goal of an AiM practitioner is to guide your body into alignment in order to help you find your centre, and to create an environment for optimal healing. The AiM flow motion model provides a comprehensive framework to explore how adaptation from injury or habitual postures creates lasting dysfunction, and how this is redistributed through the body. It guides movement assessment, breaking down what each joint does in every phase of gait, in every dimension. This allows the AiM therapist to assess what clients are missing from the foot up, to understand the nervous system and how it’s motor control and musculoskeletal system interact against gravity, and how through repatterning we can guide the system to stop straining inefficiently and start to reorganize and move to a state in which the body thrives. Treatment employs the human body as the ultimate healer through movement-based techniques to restore the body’s ability to control ground reaction forces and return to optimal function.