Kaylin Perchinig


About Kaylin

Kaylin graduated in 2009 from Trillium College with a Diploma in Massage Therapy and Sports Injury Therapy. With over ten years of clinical experience along with several other accreditations, Kaylin has gained extensive knowledge in injury assessment, client relations and treating the body as a whole. By incorporating deep tissue massage, acupuncture and cupping, Kaylin is committed to providing her clients with the highest level of evidence based restorative, therapeutic treatments. With a keen focus on client education, Kaylin offers a partnership committed to one's achievement of optimal health.

Kaylin grew up playing multiple sports including field hockey, volleyball, and soccer, but thrived in rugby. She was a member of the Women's Ontario Rugby team where she won a silver medal at the Canadian National Finals. She has worked with various sports teams including the Italian Men's National Rugby Team, Rugby Canada, and was the head trainer for Toronto men's Balmy Beach Rugby Club for three years; leading them to two championships. Whether it be her passion for sports, massage or holistic health, she offers her clients a wide range of therapeutic treatments that provides the highest level of patient care.